International Experience: China & Japan

My classmate, Diana, and I are completing our entry-level Doctor of Occupational Therapy degrees at Creighton University in Omaha, NE. We have chosen to complete our Doctoral Experience, also called a Professional Rotation, in China and Japan. We will spend 3.5 months abroad and are working with two universities: Nanjing Medical University in Nanjing, China and Koeki University -Tohoku University of Community Service and Science in Sakata, Japan. We will be exposed to a variety of settings including outpatient neuro rehabilitation, geriatrics, pediatrics, orthopedics and mental health.

Diana and I will also be researching accessibility in Japan by traveling to several cities in Japan for two weeks. While visiting tourist attractions we will measure and assess accessible entrances, bathrooms, elevators, wheelchair accessible escalators etc. and share our information with  Accessible Japan. Accessible Japan’s main objective is to provide up-to date information about accessibility in Japan to travelers via their blog and database of accessibility, as well as to answer questions by email or social media.

The future of occupational therapy is a global one. Advances in technology have formed a global community, with a click of a mouse we can communicate with people, buy products, read news, and share information all over the world. Globalization has changed the way we live our daily lives. Therefore, globalization is also shaping the present and future of healthcare and occupational therapy. We are all global citizens and are more interconnected than ever before. The Centennial Vision of the American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA) has called for occupational therapy to be globally connected.

Through our experiences in China and Japan we hope to:

  • learn about Chinese & Japanese culture and how it affects healthcare
  • understand physical barriers, access for individuals, and disability culture
  • gain an in depth understanding of China & Japan’s health care systems
  • gain cross-cultural and international insight into the social, cultural and economic factors that impact occupational therapy

We hope to update this blog regularly and welcome any questions or comments.

– Bridget & Diana


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